Riverbend Foods


Research and development expertise you can trust.

Customers rely on Riverbend Foods’ Research and Development team to deliver new, innovative and exciting products for their brands.

Our R&D expertise includes:

  • Effective matching of National Brands across all product categories
  • Organic food development along with Kosher, Non-GMO, etc.
  • Providing solutions across all product quality levels (Value to Super Premium)
  • Consumer insights and recommendations based on market data and trends
  • Focus on managing product costs by optimizing existing ingredients and formulas


Riverbend Foods has a fully equipped test facility that enables us to craft new products while emulating full-scale plant conditions. The process starts with an idea. The Riverbend team takes that idea and draws upon their years of experience to develop products that fit customers’ needs.

Erin Wilson - VP of QA and R&D, Riverbend Foods

Erin Wilson, VP of QA and R&D, Riverbend Foods

Erin Wilson is an influential change agent in the entire food industry, specializing in innovation, simplification, cost savings, and research and development across numerous food categories. With 15 years of experience with an expertise on retorted foods, she is renown as a subject matter expert. Her proven track record of ensuring proper executions of critical initiatives to improve profitability earns her industry, colleague and customer respect, as well.